Wings Of Desire share new single “Chance Of A Lifetime” | Debut EP “End Of An Age” out today

by Levi

Through three previous singles – “001“, “Runnin“, “Be Here Now – Wings Of Desire have held a mirror up to the intensity of modern life, questioned our well-worn paths of existence, and asked important questions on the subjects of conformity and living in the present. Drawing inspiration from visual arts and 20th century counterculture, the two-piece confront themes of ignorance and identity to create shape-shifting soundscapes that cut deep, flitting between the woozy and euphoric, to the propulsive and emotional.

Today, new single “Chance Of A Lifetime” – picked as Track of The Day by CLASH – heralds the arrival of the band’s debut EP End Of An Age, which the band expands on below.

“Chance Of A Lifetime is the lead track from our debut EP. A statement of intent, a snap shot of a world in flux. The EP ‘End Of An Age’ is an uplifting look at human consciousness at a time when we’re all going through a period of mass-reflection. It embodies that ‘sliding doors’ feeling that our lives are just a series of predetermined events, and it’s up to us change direction. We are yearning for something deeper, wanting to jump off the conveyor belt of life and prepare ourselves for the uncomfortable truth that we’ve never truly known what it is to live. We are not claiming to have the answer, but if we can inspire a conversation or spark the listeners imagination then we are one step closer to the realisation that there is much more to living than we can consider tangible.

Sonically the EP gathers momentum like a storm coming over your neighbours garden, krautrock driven rhythm section and Berlin-era Bowie atmospherics back the stream of consciousness vocal delivery of a band questioning their own habits and thought patterns in an attempt to break the rigid structures that bind us.”

Listen to the EP here and watch the video for “Chance Of A Lifetime” below.

More about Wings Of Desire:

Wings Of Desire have been supported by Steve Lamacq and Chris Hawkins on BBC Radio 6 Music, and John Kennedy on Radio X.

Wings of Desire came out of a want to discuss the unknown. As a couple, they have spent years debating everything from ideology to their favourite musical eras (Krautrock, Berlin-era Bowie, and Factory Records) so what naturally came together was a project that covers everything they want to say about this overwhelming planet we inhabit.

Wings Of Desire – End Of An Age tracklisting

1. Chance Of A Lifetime
2. Be Here Now
3. Runnin
4. 001

Wings Of Desire: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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