An Awesome Aussie | Interview With The Plum Trees

by tonedefsound

“Throw a shrimp on the barbie!” Amiright?? No, I’m not right. True Aussies don’t say that crap. They use much more sophisticated expressions like: 

Macca’s – McDonald’s 

She’ll be right – with time, the outcome will eventually right itself 

Acca Dacca – AC/DC 

But Australia isn’t only about shortening words while elongating band names. No, Australia is also known for its familial ties. Or maybe that’s just Perth-natives Shannon and Clancy Lethbridge. Either way, this brother and sister musical duo are so N’SYNC it’d put 98 Degrees to shame. Nice one, Josh.

But seriously, these guys are tight. Whether the folk/rock/experimental duo are taking stages by storm in the outback of their native country, touring with a full backing band in Beijing or separately setting up shop and making their own IG videos in their bedrooms, they own it. Shannon sits down with us virtually to share her stories of songwriting, sibling squabbles and sexy sounds.

Shannon, how did both you and Clancy get into playing music together? Is it because you two are the only musicians on that side of the outback?

There’s so much musical talent here in Perth! I think we just got lucky that we are siblings and shared the same household growing up. So it was inevitable that we would eventually form a band. However our musical journey started off separately with myself writing & singing songs in my bedroom and Clancy playing in a cover band. Many years past, until one day my brother and I were hanging out in the lounge room and we just naturally started jamming. Clancy was playing some bass lines and then I started singing lyrics that I wrote earlier that day. That first jam session gave birth to our first song called “My Calling” which is on our self-titled debut album!

The Plum Trees debut album was recorded in Beijing. What made you two decide to take your sounds to that side of the equator?

Clancy moved to Beijing a couple of years before I did to teach English. As soon as I finished my degree I headed over to do the exact same thing, with my main intention being to form a full band and record our first album. We did just that and met our friends & musical family Scott (guitarist) and Gabi (drummer)! We ended up playing at lots of cool underground music venues and festivals, which was very unexpected!

Tell us of your bloodiest onstage fight, please. And who won?

This has never happened 😂

Best memories of China. Go!

My favourite memory of a show that The Plum Trees played in China would have to be when we played at Mao live house (before it sadly got shutdown), in celebration of  69 cafe’s 5th anniversary! I remember feeling like a real rock star with all the fancy lighting, huge stage, having a full & attentive crowd and our friends ‘wooing’ us!

Another fun memory I have is when Clancy and I were wandering the streets of Beijing. We randomly bought some cheap tickets to an event at the Bird Nest. We walked in to live music and it happened to be ‘Kate Nash’  performing live, who is one of my favourite female artists and a huge influencer on my music at the time! It was so random and inspiring!

What future plans does The Plum Trees have in store both for the fans in the “land down under” and worldwide?

Definitely play more live shows in Perth and release new music for our fans across the globe! 

Who’s more talented, Shannon and Clancy Lethbridge or Angus and Julia Stone?

Angus and Julia Stone😍.




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