Tim is Kohler Than You!

by tonedefsound

When you hear the term one-man-band, I’m sure you’re mind quickly conjures up a socially awkward, but sweet male with clashing cymbals, foot pedals and bells attached to every extremity. Amiright or amiright? Well, that image is so 2000 and late playa! The modern one-man-band is more akin to a recluse in his bedroom manipulating something other than his smallest extremity and creating all sounds himself via PC, which may or may not include physical instruments.

Tim Kohler is neither, I assume… He’s a vocalist, a composer, an instrumentalist and all with enviable talent. Fuck… can I just master one? I don’t need all of them, just one! Just listen to Tim’s diverse repertoire of songs on any of your favorite streaming platforms (I’ve always wanted to say that) and you’ll quickly catch on to his songwriting style. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s dramatic and it’s got a shitload of cymbals and crashes to amplify it up to 11.

Which makes his newest single “Typewriter” a bit unique. You’ll immediately bop your knee, head or hips to the cello driven intro, popping back and forth on the strings setting the tone and rhythm of this tongue-in-cheek, yet sentimental love song. 

“So many others came before, but I guess the joke is on them. No one’s ever gonna love like I love you right now!” – Tim

But alas, there are no drums making this song the epic that Tim’s other songs rely on. Instead… wait, is that an actual typewriter sound in the background? Indeed it sounds like it! Sheeeit boi! How many others can pull off getting such an epic sound out of a drum-less track? Not I, said this writer.

I must add that the xylophone/metallophone (I don’t know the difference) fills in the chorus are what caught me first. Just four notes and yet it rings so clear and stylistically during the chorus. 

You can definitely hear some synths, an occasional piano note to add some oomph and that typewriter, damn, I can’t get past that. Genius, son. Genius! 

Give it a listen and follow Mr. Kohler on his musical journey. You’re always guaranteed an epic tune, diverse instruments, some kick-ass and heavy hitting Harvey Danger-esque vocals, and an overall inspirational feeling after a few minutes of mindfulness and Tim Kohler, y’all.

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Stream Tim Kohler on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/tim-kohler/393852249

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