Vina After Dark releases their first full-production EP “Us Vs”

by tonedefsound

Vina After Dark released their first full-production EP, Us Vs, delighting their beloved fans with a full-bodied, rapturous sound, layered with trip-hop subtleties, alternative pop, and signature celestial vocals. This EP is a departure from their May 2020 EP, From the Basement, which features raw, solo single-takes by the band’s singer-songwriter, Vina.

The Us Vs EP traces influences from Portishead, Lianne La Havas, Kan Wakan, and Chet Faker. Warm siren vocals pierce through funk and groovy atmospheres that have electronic-inspired underlinings. Electrifying guitars and synths add textural layers that radiate an ethereal edge. “The EP has a unique airiness that’s gently grounded by elements beyond that of drums and bass,” says Deifante Walters, the band’s drummer, who’s known for his idiosyncratic groove and feel. “Our dynamics create breathing spaces for other instrumental forces to support the more stirring sections of music.” 

“You’re cloaked in elements of lift and air and their natural complements of rhythm and feel,” says Vina. What you get is broody trip-hop and contemporary pop with lyricism reminiscent of Emily Haines’s acuity and Nina Simone’s tenderness.

The EP was recorded in Calgary from the cold comfort of a basement and then finished in a third-floor apartment, as production was handled by Dav (Dafydd) James and Vina Nguyen, two of the three members of Vina After Dark. 

The five songs are diverse yet cohesive. The EP opens with smoky heartbreak before lifting through star-dusted warmth. From there, a dive into the sleepy subconscious surfaces against contemplative angst before riding the tail end of post-war pain and ennui. Us Vs is an introspection on Us Vs love Vs us Vs loneliness Vs belief Vs war that is pointed, soothing, emotive, and encapsulating. 

Get your ears on Vina After Dark’s latest EP by visiting their website, Bandcamp, or a streaming platform. Or if you want to kick it old-school, consider getting a CD (limited copies) through their website:

Vina After Dark is in the talks with local hosts and venues for shows and interviews. Stay tuned on their social media for upcoming news. 

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