SILVERTWIN – Release Seventies-Tinted New Single: ‘Ploy’

by Levi

A retro-tinted charmer beamed from another era, SILVERTWIN release their new single: ‘Ploy’ – today (24th March).


Like a ray of sunshine filtered through a pair of seventies aviators; Silvertwin’s music is as warmly familiar as your childhood soundtrack, yet with a timeless turn of phrase and knowing sense of fun that places them alongside peers such as The Lemon Twigs or Whitney

And their first release of 2021, “Ploy” glows with an artfully nostalgic vintage aura; think Paul McCartney produced by Jeff Lynne, or vice versa perhaps. 

Lost in the anxious and troubled thoughts that often accompany new found love, “Ploy” was written by the band’s Isaac Shalam at his childhood home but in a world of his own. Looking for a way to express the feelings that wracked him, Shalam turned to the piano to try and channel the swelling emotions captured by Brian Wilson’s surf-pop majesties; before arriving instead at something soft and simmering of his own soulful touch. 

““Ploy” is kind of about the insecurity or paranoia that comes with a blooming relationship” says Shalam. “I suppose initially I thought of the riff as my attempt at trying to write something Beach Boys-esque by having simple chords but a bass line that moved back and forth. It was a new style of song-writing for me as up until then I’d mostly used guitar, but I wanted to begin using piano as the anchor for the songs I was working on at the time.”

Recorded at Electro-vox Studios in West Hollywood in LA, “Ploy” was produced by Foxygen’s esteemed Jonathan Rado (The Flaming Lips / The Killers / Father John Misty). With the prominent piano playing delivered by Shalam, its melody is uplifted with additional baroque-pop flourishes courtesy of a string quartet. Giving the record its classic finish, “Ploy” was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios and mixed by Cenzo Townshend

Masterminded by Isaac Shalam, Silvertwin are the new band your life is sorely missing. Raised on a diet of seminal cuts from the 60s, 70s and 80s consumed via the family car stereo, from early-on in high school Shalam felt a yearning to recreate the sounds he had grown up with all his life. Looking for a vehicle to bring his self-penned songs to life, Shalam formed Silvertwin while at college in London; a quintet of like-minded souls including Alicia Barisani, Dan Edery, Lauric Mackintosh and Antonio Naccache.

Quickly impressing audiences and industry alike, the Silvertwin name soon caught the ear of Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado who invited the band to develop their studio sound with him at LA’s prestigious Electro Vox studios. Spending the last year readying a clutch of songs for wider release, “Ploy” is the first of those sessions to materialise. 

Playing their first official shows in 2020, the band drew a sold-out capacity crowd to a two night residency at London’s Pin-Ups venue by word-of-mouth sensation. With new dates and a debut album being planned for later this year, stay-tuned for more news and releases from Silvertwin in the coming months…

Looking forward to returning to the live stage for the first time since, Silvertwin are pleased to confirm 4x socially distanced shows over two nights at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney on 19th May and 16th June respectively. Full dates and details as below.


Wed 19 May – Early Show 8pm – Tickets

Wed 19 May –  Late Show 9:30pm – Tickets

Wed 16 June – Early Show 8pm – Tickets

Wed 16 June –  Late Show 9:30pm – Tickets

With a debut album being planned for later this year, stay-tuned for more news and releases from Silvertwin in the coming months…





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