Way Out Robot – A review of New American Hustle’s latest album.

by tonedefsound

“What do you think of New American Hustle’s latest album?”, said Bro.

“Blindfold Sights? Loved it”, responded Dude.

Bro hesitated, “Eer… no, their new album.”

Yeah, the new album is called, “Blind Fold Sights”. It just came out in January,” said Dude.

“No, no, no. I’m talking about the newer newest album, “Way Out Robot”‘. It came out this month.”

Dude, quickly looking up from his half-eaten burrito, locked eyes with Bro, “OH GOD…..Hurrrrgh”.

That’s right lady’s and gents, they’s and them’s, ze’s and zir’s, **Insert gender-neutral pronouns of your choice**. New American Hustle has been Hustling to bring you something new, American, and unsurprisingly, pretty freaking fantastic.

But another album so soon? “how goes’t possible to accomplisheth so a feat”, you no doubt just asked the person nearest you. And the answer iiissss…. who knows! But it happened, it’s awesome, and I’ve been happily playing it on repeat for the last week and have yet to get bored.

“Way Out Robot” clearly ain’t no rushed money-grab of lazily written songs and leftover material that didn’t make the previous albums cut. Unlike other back-to-back album releases that have fallen flat, failing to both mesmerize and hypnotize the listener (Get my SOAD reference?…lolz), “Way Out Robot” has soared. This 10 track album contains more catchy hooks, dancy beats, groovy guitar riffs, and guest vocalists than you can shake a stick at. In fact, the album has a rotating cast of musicians that bring in a range of funk, reggae, trip-hop, African rhythms, and alternative rock. While this may sound a bit overwhelming for a mere 37-minute record, I assure you it isn’t. “Way Out Robot” seamlessly unifies what feels like 50 years of musical genres nearly perfectly.

Take for example the first track, “Black Market Angels”. This song sets the precedent for the rest of the album as it starts off with a chill, reverb-heavy, cowboy-western-esque riff, then quickly drops off leaving you hanging with a catchy ass beat, bass, and vocals that sound like they’re coming from outer space, only to switch into a funky guitar riff with even more surprises following.

The title track, “Way Out Robot” has modern style female vocals layered on top of a funky bass-line and beat that could have been taken right out of the ’70s. As if that isn’t enough, some ’80s synth sounds are mixed in, and bam! A kickass song. You’re skeptical that that could possibly sound good you say? Well, Ripley’s Believe it or not it works!

“Harlot Days” has the feels of riding passenger with a badass ’70s cop while a group of beautiful women sing out from the backseat windows. “Zachary Culbertson” is a relaxing 90’s life lesson, and I can easily hear “Drown Like Teen Spirit” playing over and over again on the radio for the next 15 years. Each track on “Way Out Robot” brings something different and interesting to the album without feeling overwhelming. The album ends beautifully with “Pink Glitter Machine Gun”. One of my personal favorites and probably the most chill song on the album. Had Ian so chosen, he could have easily stretched the material out to another album. But that’s not the NAH style, is it, Ian? Quality over quantity while providing a quantity of quality music seems to be the New American Hustle motto.

More could be said about this album but alas, I don’t want to bore you when you could just go experience it for yourself by clicking the links below:

Bandcamp: https://newamericanhustle.bandcamp.com/album/way-out-robot

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