An Interview with Aye Bay, Eh

by tonedefsound

How many of you songwriters think you’ve got the chops to write some kick-ass pop songs but don’t wanna “sell out?” “I could totally make like a million bucks with some pop songs, but you know I’m not a sellout.” Shut up bruh.

But what if your whole game is to write pop songs because you enjoy it? That’s different. And I’d say that it’s actually more genuine than anyone avoiding “selling out” at all costs, including limiting your songwriting to keep to your “values.”

Aye Bay, an up-and-coming, young pop/dance artist is putting his name out there after sharing his latest EP, and it’s catchy as hell. After an initial listen to each song, you’re feeling it. You’re bobbing your head, shoulders, knees, toes, or other extremity along to the groovy synth sounds, hip-hop beats, and even guitar riffs. It’s professionally produced, and it’s got different elements of rap, pop, rock and more even within a single song!

Despite his production skills being toned, what made 19-year-old Aye Bay finally confident enough to share his music to the world? Let’s ask him a few questions:

Aye Bay, first of all, can we ask about your name? How did you choose it?

Good question! A lot of people that come across my music or my social media ask me this question almost immediately. To explain simply, my legal name is Alex Bator. So, I took the “A” from Alex and the pronunciation of “Bay” from Bator. Thus, Aye Bay.

Your songwriting skills are top-notch and are up there with any other producer creating music for pop stars. How did your love of music transition from enjoying music to actually composing complete songs with complex rhythms, harmonies, and time signatures?

I’ve been involved in music since I was 9 years old. The guitar was the first instrument I learned, then after that, I’ve learned about 8 more instruments, including piano, drums, bass, saxophone, and etc. I started writing music in 2018, but never finished any songs. Once 2019 started, I promised myself that I would finish at least one song, and since then, I’m about to release my 30th song to the world very soon. The love kept getting stronger, and I was willing to let it overcome me and start creating some amazing music.

Because of Covid limiting the resources for artists to showcase their work, how do you plan to promote your newest EP Summer? Are live shows an option in the near future?

As of right now, my Summer EP has gotten much traction from radio airplay and social media coverage. In regard to live shows, I would absolutely love to start doing more as soon as it becomes safe for the community.

Once you’ve conquered the Buffalo, NY music scene, what goals do you have to headline Coachella or any other music festival in the next few years?

At this point in my music career, I’m focusing mainly on making my name known through my music, and once I’m comfortable with saying that I have somewhat of a large fanbase, then I will start to focus more on headlining in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and of course concerts. It would be an absolute dream come true to perform at Coachella at some point in my life, alongside being on the cover of billboard magazine!

And most importantly, how long do you think you’ll have that killer hairline?

As long as I keep writing music, I’ll keep the hair☺.

Check out Aye Bay’s music and musings on the links below:





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