Powerlines Share Music Video for “Frames,” New Album ‘all of this is temporary’ out April 9th

by Levi
WATCH & SHARE: Powerlines – “Frames” [Official  Music Video]

LISTEN & SHARE: Powerlines – “Temporary”

LISTEN & SHARE: Powerlines – “Sober”


Today, New Brunswick-NJ-based expressive pop-rock band Powerlines share their music video for “Frames” off their forthcoming LP, all of this is temporary, out April 9th. The indie quartet’s debut album is a collection of sonic vignettes about difficulty, pain, love, and the acceptance of ephemerality, all through an optimistic lens. 

Shot in the rosy hues of New York City at twilight, the music video for “Frames” captures an intimate perspective of welding, using metal frames to symbolize the different ways in which we frame our lives. Cinematic and metaphorical, the video captures the optimistic message of the album with an aesthetic tangibility. 

Guitarist Tyler Anderson notes: “Frames” is a song about being alone with your thoughts and the feeling of constantly losing time. It shows the feelings of a person who is looking at the past and regretting not appreciating what they had while it was happening. It was a time in my life where I felt trapped by loneliness and failure. I could not break free of the thoughts that were constantly circling in my head. This song is about someone who is fighting to become a person who lives in the “now” but is losing that battle. The end of the song represents a moment where I decided that, even though I know I will always be hurt by the past, the memories will fade and time will continue moving.”

all of this is temporary continues to move through these auditory snapshots and revels in the diversity and dynamism of each one. While the first two tracks of the album, “Sober” and “Outside My Mind,” are bright, poppy anthems with penetrating funk basslines, driving drums, and rich, textural guitars, the pace slows down as the slow build of “Frames” contemplates the idealization of the past and decay over time, and “Being Is Strange” strips everything down to just an acoustic guitar. Before the album reaches its final act, “Morris Street” gets everything back to bouncing rock again.

Powerlines explore change and recurrence—the continuous musical shifts in pace and tone represent the moment to moment unknown of what is coming next, and exposes a larger pattern of transience. A collection of stories already experienced and gone, all of this is temporary finds triumph in the love found in trying times, and joy in the constant changes and curveballs that life throws at us.
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all of this is temporary – Tracklisting
01. Sober
02. Outside My Mind
03. Temporary
04. Water
05. Frames
06. Being is Strange
07. Morris Street
08. Jet Plane
09. Sober (Acoustic)

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