Iceland’s VAR Debuts New 4-Song Audiotree International Session; ‘Live at Orgelsmidjan’ EP Out Now

by Levi
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Iceland’s VAR Debuts New 4-Song Audiotree International Session; ‘Live at Orgelsmidjan’ EP Out Now Via Spartan Records
Stream VAR’s Audiotree Session Here
Stream The ‘Live at Orgelsmidjan’ EP Here
Iceland’s VAR is debuting a new 4-song session on Audiotree. The performance consists of the tracks featured on their recent ‘Live at Orgelsmidjan’ EP, (studio versions of which appear on the band’s critically acclaimed 2020 LP ‘The Never-Ending Year.’) and was filmed at Orgelsmidjan, Iceland’s only pipe organ workshop, which also serves as the band’s practice space. Stream the session HERE.Audiotree Session Tracklist:1. By The Ocean2. Where To Find You3. Moments4. HighlandsStream the ‘Live at Orgelsmidjan’ EP here: VAR’s artist page on Audiotree:”After releasing an album and having no chance to play it live, we felt like we had to do something to give people at least a little taste of us playing these songs live,” says Júlíus Björgvinsson (vocals/guitar/keys). “VAR has always been about playing live and we always give everything we have to make the tension between us and the audience both peaceful and powerful. But since we could not play it live for people, we decided to make these live videos of us playing the songs at the organ workshop where we practice. We got our producer Eiður to do the sound for the videos and when he sent us the audio files Arnór brought that idea of releasing a live EP, because people had been asking us to do so. We were happy with the sound Eiður got from the session and how far it is from how the album sounds. It’s powerful, it’s raw and it’s honest. And that is VAR.”
Praise for VAR“Is VAR the next big band from Iceland?”- Houston Chronicle“… a beautiful flurry of spacious post-rock, anthemic alt-rock, and even languid dream pop at times…at once serene and propulsive.”- The Alternative“Reminiscent of Sigur Ros merged with The Cranberries, only more graceful and melodic.”- PopDust“…all throughout this album, there is a contrast. There’s soft and heavy, slow and fast, simple and complex, but above all, light and dark. This isn’t just an album, it’s a piece of art that can be interpreted in any form, and that is the real beauty about the post-rock genre.”- Distorted Sound“… in a similar league (with) other Icelandic post-rock gods….” – *A New Friend*“…one of the most beautiful records of 2020…”- Prince Faster“An album that conveys the melancholy of winter, but that warms like a summer sun.”- Altprogcore“A song that shines like a searchlight blaring bright from Reykjavík… brings a strong sense of heartfelt closeness during these distant times.”- Week In Pop“The Never-Ending Year” offers a taste of the quartet’s ethereal yet accessible style that falls gracefully somewhere between prog-rock, post-rock and just plain rock.”- Houston Chronicle“…dynamic, emotional, and filled an exuberance that recalls We Were Promised Jet Packs and Frightened Rabbit…a warm, emotionally driven slice of post-rock that unfolds in unexpected ways.”- PopMatters“The dreamy movements of this track are the perfect complement to the band’s distinct sound. It’s triumphant, poignant, and epic all in equal proportion, with slick production, immaculate composition and beautiful vocals.”- Everything Is Noise
Track ListingWhere To Find You (Live)Highlands (Live)Moments (Live)By The Ocean (Live)++++++
VAR:Júlíus Óttar BjörgvinssonEgill BjörgvinssonArnór JónassonSigurður Ingi Einarsson

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