Son Little Shares New Single “Goddess Wine”

by tonedefsound

Son Little has created an otherworldly indie-R&B atmosphere with his new single ‘Goddess Wine’, out today via ANTI- Records. Listen to it HERE. Auto-tuned vocals, gritty guitar licks, & spacious percussion on this psych-tinged track move Son Little’s signature retro sound towards the end of the spectrum where an avant-garde deep cut from Frank Ocean might lie. The artistic evolvement seen on ‘Goddess Wine’ catapults him into new creative depths, perhaps showcasing the most actualised Son Little we’ve seen yet.

In January of this year Son Little released aloha, his acclaimed fourth studio album. Recorded at Paris’s iconic Studios Ferber with producer Renaud Letang (Feist, Manu Chao), aloha is Little’s first album to be recorded with an outside producer. The result is his boldest, most self-assured record yet. In order to create aloha, Little began writing and assembling album demos in Petaluma, California. However, after his hard drive fried and he lost nearly a dozen detailed demos, he was forced to begin with a blank slate, leading him to write aloha in only eight days at a tiny house and its adjacent barn. The entire project was an exercise in letting go, in ceding control, in surrendering to fate.


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