‘The Rare Occasions’ New Single? “Stay” Out Now

by Levi
LISTEN & SHARE: The Rare Occasions – “Stay”

LISTEN & SHARE: The Rare Occasions – “Control”

LISTEN & SHARE: The Rare Occasions – “Set It Right”

LISTEN & SHARE: The Rare Occasions – “Alone”
LA-based and New England-bred indie rock band The Rare Occasions have released their first single, Stay via Northern Transmissions. Integrating sweeping orchestral arrangements into a gritty lo-fi garage rock soundscape, “Stay” delves head-first into the psychological turbulence of a relationship unravelling. On the writing process, lead singer Brian McLaughlin shares: “The three of us took a real collaborative journey creating this song, embracing electronic and orchestral elements as an extension of our usual indie rock sound. It will make you wonder whether or not to dance, cry, or maybe both.”

Big Whoop was defined by the intensely DIY nature of the recording process. Almost every aspect of the production was done by the band. The recording sessions were all done in McLaughlin’s living room and spare bedroom, where he also mixed the songs. Luke Imbusch composed the orchestral arrangements, recruiting and then conducting a live string quartet for the recording. The band collectively shares production credits, with each member bringing their own unique contributions to the table. Mastering was done by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden.

On the album, the band says, “So much of this album was born out of struggle which forced us out of our comfort zones and to think beyond our own barriers. After the departure of our guitarist, Peter, we knew we had more to give to the world. This process pushed us to broaden our approach to songwriting, arranging and production. We had released a couple of preliminary singles and then the pandemic hit which halted everything for months. This forced us to step back again, refine what we had created, and expand our new sound even further.”

The Rare Occasions’ sophomore album, Big Whoop, is due out June 18th.Pre-save the album here

Big Whoop – Tracklisting
01. Alone
02. Bolts
03. Control0
4. Stay
05. Origami
06. Sparrow
07. Call Me When You Get There
08. The American Way
09. Do Not Do Drugs
10. Cynical
11. Set It Right
12. The Fold
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Bio:The Rare Occasions are an LA-based, New England-bred indie rock band known for their explosive garage rock anthems with catchy vocal harmonies.Brian McLaughlin (vocals) and Luke Imbusch (drums) have been making music together since their early teenage years. They formed The Rare Occasions while attending college in Boston where they met Jeremy Cohen (bass). Since then, the band have toured nationally, won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and released a vast catalog of music online.After the departure of a fourth member in 2018, Brian, Jeremy, and Luke started on their newest full-length record, Big Whoop. Working as a three-piece has allowed them to flourish creatively; their new songs feature wall-of-sound guitars, electronic soundscapes, and lush orchestral arrangements, with intricately-woven lyrical themes of existentialism and a pointed sense of cheekiness.Big Whoop was recorded and mixed entirely by the band themselves in their cramped rehearsal space – everything from the essential power trio instrumentation to layers of analog synths and a live string ensemble make an appearance in this labor of love, due to be released in Summer 2021. Despite the struggles of COVID-19, The Rare Occasions have managed to capture the increasing attention of listeners online from around the world, and the band looks forward to sharing their new music with live audiences once venues can safely open their doors.

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