John Carroll Kirby shares “Blueberry Beads (Live At The Blue Whale)”

by Levi

Before the pandemic hit, John Carroll Kirby brought together a band of seven players to perform at storied LA jazz venue The Blue Whale, which closed last month, In tribute, Kirby is sharing a version of “Blueberry Beads”, from his 2020 album “My Garden”, recorded live at The Blue Whale.

 “I brought together a divine aggregation of musicians for a date at what was the best listening environment in LA,” Kirby says. “The crowd felt as much a part of the music as the band, and both were on point that night. Music came first at The Blue Whale. Intense listening was never enforced, just a natural byproduct of owner Joon Lee’s love of the medium.”

 The energy of the performance inspired Kirby to go back to the studio with several of the musicians who joined him at The Blue Whale. A new album featuring recordings from that session will be released later this year.


John Carroll Kirby – Keyboards
Tracy Wannomae – Woodwinds
Logan Hone – Woodwinds
Nick Mancini – Vibraphone
John Paul Maramba – Bass
Lemar Carter – Drums
David Leach – Percussion

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