POSTDATA (Wintersleep/Frightened Rabbit)- Twin Flames Out March 5th

by Levi

Hallifax’s Paul Murphy (Wintersleep/Brother of Micheal Murphy, Frightened Rabbit) is back with a new LP, Twin Flames, His debut LP Hand Drawn Dracula nominated for Nova Scotia Music Award. The project features a rotating collective of supporting musicians working with Murphy on acoustic-oriented songs, Murphy’s brother Michael Murphy, Grant Hutchison and Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit, Tim D’Eon of Wintersleep, and Simone Pace of Blonde Redhead. Record comes out on March 5th Via Paper Bag Records

Twin Flames is Paul Murphy’s most intimate and timeless record yet. It’s a bright, compassionate text of major-key romanticism, which Murphy describes as “inward-looking and focused on creating and surrounding itself in hope and warmth.” 

The record’s words and arrangements span an almost genre-less spectrum: romantic fire-side shuffles, riotous, acid-tongued self-deprecation-rock, keys-led post-pop ballads, humming pop-rock vigor, and patient, spoken-word tenderness curl around each other from track to track. 

From unbridled romance and warm summer love, to wit and bitter cynicism, to rain and fire, to death and what comes after: Murphy interprets, transposes and cradles these themes & inevitabilities of life in the Atlantic before bashing them upon the rocks like those on the cover of this album.

Twin Flames is coloured equally by joy and yearning: one is hardly over before the other begins, like flames that perpetually meet, split, and meet again; always connected.

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