Kiwi Jr. share video for “Maid Marian’s Toast” | New album “Cooler Returns” now via Sub Pop

by Levi

Cooler Returns is BBC 6 Music Album of The Day today, Jan 28

Watch the video for Maid Marian’s Toast HERE

Kiwi Jr.: Photo credit: Johan Arthurs | Download image here

Kiwi Jr. has delivered an official video for “Maid Marian’s Toast,” a standout from the just-released Cooler Returns, their new album out now on Sub Pop/Kiwi Club. Jeremy Gaudet says of the video, “Footage was compiled from behind the scenes filming of the Cooler Returns recording sessions during the pandemic. Shot in July by director Sean Egerton Foreman and Johan Arthurs, the studio was sweltering and shorts were the only option.”

Cooler Returns is also BBC 6Music’s “Album of the Day” today, Thursday, January 28th.

Watch the video for “Maid Marian’s Toast” below.

The returns on Kiwi Jr’s Cooler Returns:

“Kiwi Jr. songs unfold like the aisles of a cluttered curio shop, their retro-rock melodies overflowing with non sequiturs and hyper-specific scraps of story.” – The AV Club

“Cooler Returns is all hits, a baker’s dozen of ridiculously catchy three-minute pop nuggets that deliver massive sing-along-choruses…” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Crammed full of wry, observational wit and pop smarts in taut fashion” – [8/10] CLASH

“The band rattle through a seemingly inexhaustible supply of hooks and melodies” – ★★★★ DIY

The Soundcape across all 13 tracks is bigger and clearly more ambitious – Dork

“Packed with golden hooks and subtle weirdness” – [8/10] Exclaim

“An impressive set of ‘90s-influenced slacker-rock with jangly guitars, rollicking piano and occasional organ, harmonica, and other instrumentation, along with observational, often-sardonic lyrics and an abundance of catchy song hooks. – KEXP

“What sets Kiwi Jr. apart from their peers though is their madcap view of the world and Cooler Returns establishes them as a band too confident to conform; a band who have all the skills to match their lyrical smarts” – [8/10] The Line Of Best Fit

“Perfect pop-songs” – Louder Than War

“Joyful and refreshing” – Daily Mirror

“Sustaining momentum near-flawlessly across 13 songs…  Kiwi Jr. have the skills to match their smarts” –  ★★★★ MOJO

“A bloody good album full of vivid charm” – ★★★★ NARC

[“Cooler Returns” is] “a jangly, indie rock earworm that’ll lodge itself in your brain” – NME

“…The accomplished successor to this band’s promising 2019 debut finds Kiwi Jr having their cake and eating it.” – ★★★★ The Observer

“…still light and agile, basking in the sunlight as their vivid guitar work and straightforward vocals do the talking. They love a good hook as much as they love a charismatic, illuminating one-liner.” – PASTE

“an indisputably good time” – Pitchfork

“Tearing pages from the archives to create a scrapbook that is very much their own, Kiwi Jr. treat us to a record stuffed with an embarrassment of riches on second album, Cooler Returns.” – Secret Meeting

“Angular, catchy as hell, revved up power-pop racket” ★★★★ Shindig

“Confident, hook-laden and crookedly-charming… a band who refuse to compromise.” – So Young

“Canadian absurdists’ return is a lyrical delight” – Uncut

“…Another mighty fine record.” – Under the Radar

“Shambolic yet catchy songs are loaded with fractured riffs and lyrical non-sequiturs” – Uproxx

Kiwi Jr.: Cooler Returns album artwork | Download image here

Kiwi Jr. – Cooler Returns – Tracklisting

1. Tyler
2. Undecided Voters
3. Maid Marian’s Toast
4. Highlights of 100
5. Only Here for a Haircut
6. Cooler Returns
7. Guilty Party
8. Omaha
9. Domino
10. Nashville Wedding
11. Dodger
12. Norma Jean’s Jacket
13. Waiting in Line

Kiwi Jr.: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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