Secrect Machines Release New Album Awake in the Brain Chamber

by tonedefsound

Last Friday, Secret Machines shared Awake in the Brain Chamber, the band’s first new full-length album released in 12 years. Featuring songs written, recorded and produced over the course of the last decade, the 8-song album tells the stories that were left unsaid. As a whole, Awake offers listeners the sound and sonic range that Secret Machines has been known and loved for, throughout their career, while reaching into newer, modern territory. Awake in the Brain Chamberis out now, globally, on all streaming platforms. Standard vinyl is available for purchase via Bandcamp, following a sold-out first pressing of the limited edition LP. 

Prior to the Friday release of the record, the band shared singles “Talos’ Corpse” and “Everything Starts,” with the latter featuring Benjamin Curtis on guitar. Earlier last week, The New York Timesran a profile on the band, telling the story of the Machines and the process and history behind Awake. “The band — essentially now a duo, though other musicians played on the record — has shed its jammier tendencies on the album, recorded over nearly a decade, without losing any sonic density,” raves the Times, adding, “They still don’t sound like a fit for rock radio, but that matters less in an era where “mainstream rock” is essentially an oxymoron.” Last Thursday, the day preceding the official release of the LP, The Quietus selected the record as The Lead Review, and offered fans and readers an exclusive stream of the album, alongside their praise of the band’s comeback album. 

Awake in the Brain Chamber is as much about new beginnings as it is about honoring and appreciating the past. When I close my eyes and listen to “Everything Starts” I see three guys in a room playing music. I see Ben, Brandon and me… we’re all playing our instruments, we’re all smiling and it’s probably a bit too loud,” adds Garza. “For a brief and infinite five minutes, I’m taken to a sonic landscape that is special and unique, with a sound that only Benjamin can deliver. I’m glad we’ve been given this chance to honor his legacy in this way, and to fold this final collaboration into a new chapter for Secret Machines.”

Featuring the experimental, space rock sounds that are revered and beloved by fans and critics alike, Awake in the Brain Chamber is an album that has been through many versions and incarnations. It has become a symbol of rebirth, presenting a new narrative and territory for the stories left unsaid.

“I began writing these songs at a time I remember feeling alone and lost, and I think the songs have that in their DNA,” says Brandon. “I started sharing early versions with Benjamin who gave me notes as well as encouragement. I am sure that without his influence this album would never have seen the light of day.” 

Brandon continued to produce and develop the tracks, ultimately recording several demos throughout 2011 and 2012. In 2013, Benjamin was diagnosed with cancer. “While reworking the tracks, Josh and I were careful to retain whatever influence Benjamin had as a sort of living tribute to him. I know that Josh and I both feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to work with him again, albeit posthumously. I know we are both very proud to present this as the first Secret Machines music in over a decade.”


Awake in the Brain Chamber is performed by Secret Machines’ Brandon Curtis and Josh Garza, featuring musicians Benjamin Curtis, Chris Kyle, Brian Bisordi and Sarah Pedinotti. Songs were mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer and mastered by Joe Lambert. Original album artwork by Philistine Dsgn.

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