Dr Creamy Lips Interview

by tonedefsound

Tea and biscuits, dreadfully dreary weather and chicken tikka masala aren’t the only things The UK offers, innit? Name any artist and at least half originate from Brexitland: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones…. um, The Ramones? Nah, they fake, bruv!

But seriously, some amazing artists have come from the four northern countries who cain’t speak English good, and Dr Creamy Lips is aiming to be among them! Liam Cole, aka Dr Creamy Lips takes the best parts of that musically inclined corner of the earth and tosses out the rubbish (Spice Girls, Coldplay, etc). He’s gathered the cream of the crop in utilizing Queen-like 100 part vocal harmonies, catchy 80’s synths, arse-kicking bass lines and falsettos so high, your puberty will take a backseat. 

Inching closer to debuting his first album, Dr Creamy Lips has released a couple of singles to whet our appetites for a global takeover of Covid proportions! “My Best Emoji” evokes a glam, new-wave, rock-y persona while “Love Crumpets” hooks you in on first listen with its 70’s rock vibe intertwined with an indietronic twist all while utilizing that creamy, doctor-y voice of his layered at least five times to create that wall of harmonious vocals.

Liam takes a few moments from his Scotch eggs and hypes up his debut for us!

Dr Creamy Lips, why the name?

Honestly, it was an old Xbox Live gamertag I’ve had since I was about 16.  It’s an eye-catchingly weird name that seems to grab people’s attention so that’s why it stuck with me and why I like using it for music.  As for where it actually came from…maybe there’s a part of my sub conscious that needs some work.  

How did your fondness for music composition begin? And what made you decide to single-handedly take on a whole album?

Going back to do music at uni turbo charged a desire to try something new and that turned out to be Dr Creamy Lips.  There’s something equally fun and terrifying about creating a bunch of songs mostly on your own.  It’s a psychological battle more than anything as one day I’d wake up thinking “Yass, this is great!”, and others I’d be contemplating chucking my laptop in the bin!

How do you plan on recreating your sound live once Prince William gets his act together and allows live performances again?

That is a whole other beast I have luckily been afforded the time to forget about right now.  Obviously the circumstance aren’t great, but to save my brain from exploding I’m not even thinking about live stuff until this release is out.  If Big Willy has anything to do with it though, the UK music scene is truly doomed.

What are both the benefits and downsides of working at your lonesome during this soft lockdown period and creating an album?

Cabin fever can both be a catalyst for productivity or the banana peel that sends you tumbling into oblivion!  As I mentioned, I feel like I’ve been playing one big game of table tennis with myself with regards to the music and artwork and videos etc.  I’m still not sure its any good!  So I thought why not have fun and film myself dancing about in a dressing gown for a music video instead?

How knowledgeable are my UK/British quips?

Hmm, a fair effort but I’d say it needs more profanity and meal deal talk to be authentic.

What can the world look forward to in regards to the  popping of our “Tales From the Fountain of Youth” cherry, your debut conceptual album? 

A strange amount of food references for an album that’s supposed to be about a relationship





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