Whats The Deal, Cam Deal?

by tonedefsound

Cam, Cameron, Cammy, Camper, Campootshka. All endearing terms for the super laid back, indie singer/songwriter nestled in the suburbs of sunny San Diego. You can call him basically anything you’d like, just don’t call him late for dinner! HUR HUR HUR!!!

But in all seriousness, Cam is pretty chill. I mean his last full album, ​Dusty Gems and Raw Kimchi​ quickly reveals his not-so-hidden stance toward the power struggle ensuing on the Korean Peninsula and the toll a totalitarian entity can have on a democratic government as its northerly neighbor. But in all seriousness, Cam is pretty chill.

The acoustic power-pop songster clearly exudes his influences throughout his repertoire of EPs, LPs, split albums and compilations. Ridiculously catchy Ozma and Weezer style melodies are poured over like syrup hooking you in with one bite on his later albums, while ​Back to the Future-​ esque Doowop sounds, complete with the “reassurance speech” in the bridge reverberate throughout his three-minute-long-ditties on his debut album ​Cam Deal and the Boys​. In summer-y, if you appreciate the challenge of writing a catchy melody with a few major chords in the background, look no further than this master of harmony-driven pop songs.

Mr. Deal punches masterfully through a variety of sounds on each album. Let’s venture through them all in this lazy summary. All aboard the Camtrain! We’ll start with a collection of blues influenced “pet shop” sounds about love, prom and love and more love. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics are in fact quite charming to any fine young girl of his admiration as well as for any pop greaser.

Next stop features a couple of two songs splits with some randos which are again, catchy as hell with an oldies vibe mixed in with a little Pixies influence. Continuing down our journey we have a garage rawk, early 2000’s Weezer induced album featuring a medley of fuzzy and acoustic guitars, real drums and a familiar unfamiliar theme: love.

Further down the line, we get to a personal favorite ​Dusty Gems and Raw Kimchi​. It’s indie, it’s kick-ass and evokes feelings of melancholy while bringing a smile to your face. Like an awkward first kiss. The months spent chasing, stalking and dreaming are over. You got the guy/girl and the game is over. You won.

On the final stop, we have an ongoing collab with a couple of artists all performing acoustic, lofi songs with a clear 2020-quarantine-themed vibe. The clear winner of the competition (unbeknownst to them) is clearly Cam with his polished, confident voice and veteran songwriting skills. Nice promo Cam. We see what you’re doing there!

That’s the delio with Cameo. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

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